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When it comes to lawn installation, it’s all about the prep work. Good soil is key for newly seeded areas or sod to grow. ​


Placing down fresh sod is an excellent way to get the green grass you’ve been searching for. In a sense, you’re giving yourself a whole new lawn, without the waiting that usually comes with lawn care! Sodding or re-sodding your lawn can also help with erosion, as the sod will attach itself to the soil and create a firm surface. ​


We also offer traditional seeding services, and offer fertilization packages to help the grass take root and thrive! ​ Check out our gallery to view our work, and get in touch for your free quote today!

Mowng & Maintenance


Shore Landscaping offers scheduled weekly, or biweekly lawn mowing services.


One of the first things people notice is your lawn. An unkempt lawn reduces curb appeal and looks sloppy, while a tidy one sends the message that you care about keeping things in good shape. Take the hassle out of lawn maintenance and let us cut the grass for you!



Dethatching is the process of removing excess build-up of old and dead grass and other organic material (Thatch) that collects at the roots. It improves drainage and promotes a healthier lawn.


Aeration is the process of loosening up soil to allow for better drainage, air flow, water, and nutrients to reach the roots for a healthier lawn.


Slice Seeding and Over Seeding are great ways to thicken up thin areas by adding new seed to existing lawn. All are fantastic ways to rejuvenate a lawn.

Lawn Rejuvination
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