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Seasonal Cleanup


One of the many benefits of living in New England is the glorious change in seasons! Unfortunately, this privilege comes with additional seasonal upkeep.


Shore Landscaping offers three essential services tailored to our dynamic climate: Spring Cleanups, Fall Cleanups, and Post-Storm Cleanups.


During Spring, our team will work to clear all leftover leaves, cut back dead garden debris, branches, twigs, and acorns. In the fall, we focus on leaf removal and cutting back any dead garden debris before the first freeze and subsequent snowfall.

In the event of a strong storm, we offer Post-Storm Cleanups that swiftly address any debris or minor damages that may have occurred. We work to  keep your yard looking neat and well maintained—all year long!


Grounds Maintenance


Shore Landscaping offers a diverse array of grounds maintenance and lawn services to enhance your outdoor space. Take a look at our offerings below to discover how we can keep your property vibrant and healthy throughout the year.

Edging & Mulching


Proper edging keeps the grass and mulch beds separated, giving a nice, neat, well-maintained appearance. We offer a variety of popular options, ranging from traditional edged border, steel edging, cobblestone, and brick! ​


The main benefit of mulch comes from its ability to preserve soil moisture, but it also helps combat weed growth and improve soil health, as well as serving as a visually interesting addition to your existing lawn.


Shrubs and hedges are not just greenery; they're popular elements that define the character of your outdoor space. Shore Landscaping specializes in the meticulous care of shrubs, hedges, and even small trees ensuring they remain healthy, vibrant, and visually appealing.


Our skilled team offers precise trimming to maintain shape or pruning to promote growth our skilled team is dedicated to delivering outstanding results. From creating natural boundaries to adding charm to your lawn, we understand the significance of well-maintained greenery.

Hedges & Shrubs
Weedig & Brush Clearing


Weeding... the necessary evil! We can help you remove the weeds from garden beds and lawns. Weeds are invasive and extremely competitive. Aggressive management will help keep your garden beds and lawn thriving! ​


Reclaim areas of your yard that have become overgrown, or create new spaces by getting rid of those weeds, vines, and brambles. ​ ​

Planting & Translpanting


Planting and Transplanting is a fantastic way to add color, variety, and character to your landscape! ​


We will gladly plant anything from seasonal flowerscapes, to trees and shrubs. Have a hydrangea that has outgrown its space? Want to relocate that Star Magnolia? We will transplant small trees and shrubs with care!

Snow and Ice Management

Snow & Ice


Shore Landscaping offers snow plowing, snow blowing, sanding/salting, and shoveling services. We even offer complimentary walkway shoveling for our residential landscape customers! ​ Our residential snow removal services can take you back to the excitement you felt as a child watching snow drifts pile up, because you know you don’t have to deal with it!

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